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Okay, you all know that "Dark Dungeons" comic, right? The anti-D&D propaganda crap. It's at http://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/0046/0046_01.asp if you want to see it. Now, keep in mind that these people are COMPLETELY SERIOUS about this anti-RP stuff.

Just to mess with them, I just sent them

I would like to congratulate you on your "Dark Dungeons" comic! Keep it up. It is one of the most absurd bits of satire I've ever seen, and I love it. Do Christians really believe that crap about roleplaying as occult initiation? I mean, I've been roleplaying for years and I've never once met a Satanist. XD

I'm glad to see that someone is brave enough to make those stupid Christian supremacists look like the idiots they are. I mean, seriously, this is just a big messy case of "You don't believe EXACTLY what I do, so you're obviously damned to hell because I'M obviously right in everything I do."

[sarcasm]Yes dears. Of course you were right to kill all of those innocent pagans in the Dark Ages, which happen to TOTALLY COINCIDENTALLY coincide with the period of time where Christianity was the ruling force of Europe. After all, one of your ten commandments, supposedly given to you by YOUR GOD HIMSELF, says that murder is wrong, but let's not forget that only practicing Christians are really human, and so everyone else is free game.[/sarcasm]

It's stuff like that that really makes me wonder what's so great about Monotheism, when at least the Polytheists are consistent and don't wage holy wars over "OMG UR GOD ISN'T THE SAME AS MY GOD U MUST DIE!!!!1!11!!one!" like the Monotheists are so famous for doing repeatedly throughout history (The Crusades and the Israeli/Palestinian war come to mind).

I'm probably boring you by now with my silly ramblings. I'll stop talking your ear off now. But if you would like to continue this conversation, feel free to reply to this email. ^_^

I am eagerly anticipating the crazy response I'll no doubt get. I'll post it here when it arrives.
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